Hip Hop: A literal translation

February 25, 2009 at 9:33 pm (literature, music) (, , )


Hip Hop stars are hardly known for their modesty. But how often have you actually listened to their lyrics? Let alone tried to make sense of them.

Well, these guys did. Two writers in LA (who claim they are big fans of hip hop, by the way) making all to literal sense out of some of the most outrageous lyrics out there. Needless to say, hilarious consequences. Some of my favourites:

“I’m so dope I just jump in the toilet and flush.”
– Boots from The Coup, Bullets and Love

This is the least dope thing you can do. Only your ankles would get wet and then there would be toilet water everywhere. And what do you mean you just do this? Sorry, this doesn’t work for me. Filed under: not dope.

“I’m a shark… y’all just koi fish. What else? Octopus. What else? Oysters.”

Juelz Santana – You Ain’t Got Nuthin’ by Lil Wayne

I don’t get this. The beginning makes sense. “I’m a shark, you’re just a little fish.” I get that. Then he just starts saying other things that live in the ocean. Filed under: Too much marine life.

“Eight A.M., open my eyes. Yeah, kick my bitch. Tell her open the blinds.”
– Lil Wayne, I’m a DBoy

This relationship isn’t going to work out. Filed under: bad with women.


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  1. Ali Plumb said,

    For some serious hip-hop lyrics that’ll blow y’all nuts off, check out MC Abdominal

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