Life is Short and so is Film – 5 Second Films et al

March 17, 2009 at 3:24 pm (film)

If life is short then modern technology is doing nothing to help it slow down. You can end a relationship at the click of a mouse, find out your whereabouts on your mobile and keep the world constantlyupdated in 140 characters.

Now film is shorter – really, really short. Five seconds kind of short.

5 Second Films was co-created by Eric Forrest and Brian Firenzi, who you may know from such off-Hollywood hits as “” and “Ninja Roomates”. As you may have gathered fromt the name, these bitesize chunks of genius are (not including two seconds of title at the beginning and a one second tag at the end) five seconds long. And it is surprising how much you can say in 5 seconds.

Signs, the 12-minute New Zealand film that won the Scweppes Short Film Festival is one of the top ten most viewed viral videos this week.

The Guardian recently ran a YouTube competition for people to submit 5 minute films based on a short story written by Mark Ravenhill. While most of the people who entered were professionals working within film the winner, Dominic Currie, was a fringe actor with no contacts in the industry. His film “Machine Time” is below.

Three very different types of short film which illustrate the benefits of the mediun nicely – whether professional or citizen moviemaker, short film provides a creative outlet outside the strictures of conventional filmmaking. And the results can be quite fun, don’t you think?


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  1. Impressionable said,

    I can remember when 15 minutes was all you got.

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