Bathroom Graffiti

April 5, 2009 at 8:36 pm (graffiti, literature) (, , )

picture: katiecarman

picture: katiecarman

I’ve always been fascinated by bathroom graffiti. You know the sort. It’s found scrawled across walls of humid night clubs (this post was inspired by Camden’s Dublin Castle). It ranges from the charming: “You’re beautiful” to the puerile “If you’re reading this, you’re a “[insert  dirty, dirty word]”.

Sometimes, though, you’ll read one you want to write down (but for some reason you’ll never have a pen to hand) – a little piece of wisdom that a stranger felt they needed to pass on. Sometimes they are sad, insecure or lonely. Often they are about love. Often they are cliched. In some bathrooms people have conversations – lots of different handwriting muddled up, like lots of voices talking in one small bathroom cubicle. picture: sejan


picture: fearlessvk

picture: fearlessvk

Trouble is, one person’s wisdom is another person’s vandalism. Still, bathroom graffiti can make you smile in the least likely place – the loo. That’s something worth scrawling about.

picture:green shock

picture:green shock

picture: Made Underground

picture: Made Underground



  1. Blogsalot said,

    I personaly enjoy bathroom graffiti, I find that its interesting getting a little insight to the human mind in an unusual place can make the bathroom experience a little less mundane.

  2. Coppinoff said,

    Bathroom graffiti is nice. I like the Derrida/Baudrillard one. But my favourite wasn’t even on a toilet wall – I can see it on my way to work, writ large in massive letters: “Mudwig has a beef system”. Pure Shakespeare.

  3. Offcop said,

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