The Flâneur comes from the French verb flâner, which means “to stroll”. Charles Baudelaire applied the term to a breed of young Parisians who sauntered around the city, observing urban life and seeking beauty.

I saunter around the internet. The Flaneurist is complilation of beautiful and odd things. It’s mostly anecdotes about quirky art – not the stuff you’d see at The National Gallery. It is based on the mantra of “art for art’s sake”, or at least my interpretation of it. That art exists only for its own sake, and for everyone’s pleasure. Art should be free and accessible. So in that vein viewing the art on this blog costs you nothing, is hopefully pleasant (or at least vaguely amusing) to look at and may make you stop and think a little.

This blog is patched together by Nicola Davison, who likes to think of herself as a journalist. She is currently completing a Master’s in magazine journalism at City University, London.

She says this:

“I apologise for my overuse of brackets. (And improper sentences).”


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